The 8000 Series


The 8000 Series vinyl replacement windows are one of the heaviest vinyl windows made in America, consisting of up to 50% more vinyl than the average replacement window. This helps eliminate bowed sashes and warped jambs when installed in out-of-square openings. The 8000 is also tested to withstand and protect your home against hurricane and tornado type winds and rain that so often threaten certain coastal areas.*

In AAMA-NWWDA Standardized Air, Water and Structural Performance testing, the 8000 Series has achieved R-55 rating for residential and C-40 rating for commercial applications.**

Energy Efficiency
The 8000 Series vinyl replacement windows are available with Cardinal LoE2-172 insulating glass and argon gas. This glazing option has a U-value of .25 (R-value = 4.0) which means this window was designed especially for the homeowner who wants very significant energy savings. It keeps cold air out in the winter and traps cool air inside in the summer.

The 8000 Series vinyl replacement double hung window features 7/8" insulated glass with gray toned DURA-SEAL which resists thermal transfers better than thermal-break type aluminum air spacer and gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Stainless Steel Constant Force Coil Balances, the latest in balance technology, is standard on all 8000 Series double hung windows. These high quality balances will not rust or drip grease. They never need adjusting and offer whisper quiet operation.

In conjunction with the Contact Force Coil Balance system, the 8000 Series features special pivot shoes which allow for simple removal of the sash. No twisting and aligning are needed.

The 8000 Series also has a unique and patented lock design. There are no unsightly screws visible on the lock of the keeper. Their heavy-duty locks offer great looks without sacrificing security.

Custom Colors
The 8000 Series is available in custom colors to match almost any siding or trim color. The custom color is a high quality acrylic polyurethane coating which is UV stabilized, impact resistant, and durable with excellent color and gloss retention.

• Welded master frame and sash corners provide strength, durability, and years of trouble-free service in the home.
• Triple weather stripping surrounds the sash and assures an airtight window.
• Double tilt-in sashes make cleaning easy and safe.
• Rugged cam locks provide extra security and weather-tightness.
• All exterior surfaces are double-walled for strength and resistance to heat buildup.
• Integral lift rail provides easy sash operation, and eliminates unsightly screwed-on handles.
• 7/8" insulated glass is standard, with many options available.
• Windows never need painting. Vinyl just wipes clean.
• Beautifully contoured exterior frame has built-in grooves to accept a variety of vinyl accessory pieces.
• Full or half screens are available.

All the windows we sell and install have earned the ENERGY STAR® mark and are available in custom colors
inside and out.

*Not guaranteed against storm damage.
**Test results available upon request.